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The game itself

Here’s a list of things I suggest to implement on the game. Please, ignore the ones that doesn’t make sense. I’m not a game developper, just using my common sense:

  • A button / shortcut to skip NPC dialogs
  • Using HP potion without showing everytime each HP recovered.
  • Potions, armour and skills might be too expensive, specially at the early game - I would at least make the potions cheaper / weaker monsters / increase xp given by higher lv monsters to increase survivability and leveling
  • Disable the " " button if the user didn’t save the location on a Kafra
  • Sometimes you have to get more close to a NPC to talk to him/her
  • Drag and drop to sell items at Cattelaya doesn’t work

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Please create separate topics per each problem/suggestion and please provide a little bit more info on each of them. It’s very hard to work on random lists like this.