Skill panel when switching the classes

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Hello. The game has a class switching mechanic. Lets say you play priest cLVL 15. You probably already have a decent amount of skills on the panel. Some of them are shared skills. Lets say you already have like 10 skills and some of them might be placed on deferent panels. You can have 6 skills on the 1st panel, 2 on the second panel and 2 on the 10th panel. Just for instance.
Okay, lets say you switching the class to a chanter. And now you have like 10 chanter’s skill which also need to be placed somewhere. You can’t place these skill at the 1st panel because there are already the priest skills. At this point every priest skill is grayed out and you can also replace it. But if you switch back to the priest you have to set up the skill panel again. And also there are a lot of another classes and you need to replace the skills every time you switch. Or, which is not very good idea, you also can fill the empty slots on the panel with other classes skills.
Okay, so my suggestion is to make separated copy of each 10 panels to every class. And also the skills you placed on the panels should be saved to the class. Lets say you play priest and you put the Heal spell at the 1st slot of the 1st panel. If you switch to a chanter for a first time, than completely empty panel appears. You can put a chanter skill at the empty 1st slot of the 1st panel. If you switch to the priest again, than the panel changes and you get your heal spell an the 1st slot and so on.
If you get the class to the certain level you probably have some skills here and there across the panel. I think late game characters might get like ~30 skills and another usable items on their panel. The player trying to set up the skill panel binds the way they like. If you play a hunter cLVL 50 you have a saved copy of the panel and every time you switch to hunter, that saved copy appears just like it was before you switch from hunter to another class.

This is already planned, but for later.
Currently the shortcut panels are being saved on the client side, one set per character name.
Later we’re going to move the shortcuts to the server side, with a separate set per each class.

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