Upgrading weapon had no cost

Item/Recipe name (if relevant):

Location/Coordinates (/pos, if relevant):
At Jarko Ruzzoli

Describe the problem:
I was able to upgrade the dagger to lv2 without any cost.

What was the expected behavior?:
To cost the indicated rupees (400 i think).

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. N/A

Can you reproduce the problem?:
No since I dont have more weapons.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

Confirmed. Trying to upgrade a weapon with not enough money ends up with dialog box with “not enough money” text. But with enough you can upgrade weapon for free.

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Can confirm that this does happen but only happend once, every future upgrade had to be paid for.

Yesterday upgrading dagger to lv3 costed 50 rupees instead of 600.

Im at lvl 5 weap now, every time i upgrade it requires some money but cost none.

every weapon level upgrade so far (i am at lvl 7) cost no money but requires it to proceed.

For some reason upgrade to lvl 8 costs me 300 rupee(i dont remember what was required money amount). At this point i think i saved ~1 zeny using broken upgrade system. Which is decent amount of money. If i had to farm 1 zeny on top of what i did farm already i think the game experience would be completely different. At least i had to have certain amount of money per weapon level to not waste weapon experience. Which is completely unique task.

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Thank you all for the reports. This is now fixed.