Windows Defender

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Game / Launcher / Website / etc. ):
Launcher / Virus Detection.

Describe the problem:
When trying to launch the game, Windows Defender may detect the RAGII.exe as a trojan and delete it, forcing to add an exception and repairing the instalation.

What was the expected behavior?:
Game running.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. Launch application from launcher start button.
  2. Receive a message from windows defender.
  3. RagII.exe not found when trying to start again the application.

4. Add the problem found by Windows Defender as an exception.
5. Repair installation.
6. Start again (now it will work.)

Can you reproduce the problem?:

Operating System, Browser version, Antivirus, or any other related platform information (if relevant):
Windows 10 (SO 19042.1110)

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

Yeah, unfortunately it’s a gamble with Windows Defender: sometimes it ignores our executable, sometimes it thinks there is some kind of troyan in it. Other most popular antiviruses work well though.
We’ll try to improve this situation, but most likely it’s going to be a long process.

Well, It’s possible to add the game folder to Defender exclusions and works fine.

I’ve managed to improve the situation with Windows Defender. Hopefully it won’t bother us any more.
Also, the workaround is now described on our wiki just in case.