[2022-07-01] Progress report

Greetings! This time the report is going to be a shorter one.
This is the last progress update before the Closed Beta Test #2 starts.

Since the time when the previous report was out, most of the efforts were directed towards the preparation to the CBT2, and I managed to do much less then I’ve originally planned… But still, we have some good improvements and even a bunch of new content!

Prontera Region

Now the whole Prontera region (which includes the Prontera City, the three surrounding zones, and the Prontera Culvert) is available to the players. All key NPCs and monsters are in place, filled with loot and experience rewards, but also capable of some serious combat when challenged.

But please keep in mind that the textures of this region have not yet been remastered, this is something to do for later.

A lot of work has been done to the Prontera City itself. In addition to a lot of small bug fixes and improvements, there are a bunch of completely new stuff available now:

Prontera Inn

A brand-new inn has opened right in the center of Prontera. A very prestige, but fairly expensive place to stay for the night when you travel to the city.


Monica Reynolds is fairly new to this job, she just got her first weapon license. But because of her insatiable thirst for knowledge and the love for the nature, she can easily find information on any monster you may be interested in. You can find her in a newly opened building close to the auction stand.


All Prontera vendors and traders are now organized in a new marketplace built just for them.

Post Office

Royal Postal Service is now available for everyone as well. You can find their office at the market square.

Throne room

The throne room and the private chambers of the Prontera Castle have been slightly reorganized and they are now closed to the general public. It’s going to be an instanced section of the zone accessible only via quests and events.

Other changes

Game Content and Gameplay


  • Stats, experience rewards and item drop implemented for all monsters that are going to be accessible during CBT2, including the ones on the 1st level of the Cave of Ymir and the whole Prontera region.
  • Cards and their effects implemented for all monsters that are going to be accessible during CBT2 except bosses (the ones with dark-orange names); Spirit drop added for all monsters that have cards.
  • Support for passive monsters that don’t react to player attacks added.
  • Few missing item icons added.


  • Nea Sabirine’s model changed, allowing her to hide her wand under a piece of cloth according to the phase of the story in which you see her. Special thanks to @yasaku for the model changes.
  • Weapon enchantment slot requirements changed: now the first slot becomes available at level one; second at level 14; third at 34; and fourth at level 75.
  • Merman Magician magic attack significantly lowered.
  • A “Healing” aura type added which now groups all the healing auras from potions and skills like Regen. The auras of this group can now be affected by other skills and effects.
  • Base hit rate and evasion rate is now set to 100 for all characters and monsters. This greatly improves effectiveness of factor-based effects for low-level characters.
  • Slightly lowered attack speed when a weapon is equipped while the attacks with empty hands remain unchanged.
  • Mana cost of some skills increased to account for base mana increase that’s been done previously.
  • Chance of damaging the equipment by receiving normal attacks lowered.


  • The Fly Doll Hat model positioning bug fixed.



  • Statistics counters for harvesting, trading, mail actions added.


  • Combat mechanics calculation greatly extended to support a bunch of special card bonuses (e.g., defense/attack against specific enemy type/size; affect the chance of applying or the duration of specific auras; etc.)
  • The /attributes chat command greatly improved and now displays only changed attributes, with human-friendly names and proper units of measure.
  • Logging improved.


  • Server infrastructure and deployment process fixes and improvements in preparation to the CBT2.
  • A bunch of small bug fixes.

Ready for CBT2. Still can’t believe the time finally come!