[2022-07-04] Rifle accuracy mechanics rework

Accuracy mechanics for Rifle attacks reworked:

  • Base attack delay (before applying attack speed) changed from 2.6s to 3s.
  • Rifle weapon balance penalty changed from -15% to -25%.
  • Rifle Mastery skill now includes hard range limitation. Now your range is limited to 6m at level 1 of the skill, but increases by 2m with each level , up to 24m (at level 10) or up to the skill’s maximum range. If you exceed this range while attacking, your attack is guaranteed to miss.
  • Movement detection improved, making it much harder to avoid accuracy penalties when turning your character around or jumping.

Also, worth mentioning that there were some mechanics applicable to ranged attacks, that were not documented before:

  • Your hit rate decreases with distance to the target, up to -60% at your maximum attack range.
  • If you’re moving while shooting the rifle, your hit rate is also greatly decreased (-60%) in addition to the previous penalty.

Now this is included in the Rifle Mastery skill description to avoid confusion.

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