[2022-07-05] World channels and small fixes

  • A second world channel has been temporarily added for testing purposes. To all players: please test if the channel separation is working correctly, especially with cross-channel features like parties, whispers, friendlist/blacklist, mail, etc. The second channel will be removed later but we still need to test it.
  • Greatly reduced requirements for the potion crafting. Medium Healing Potion crafting added to the Prontera magic shop.
  • Rifle Mastery skillbooks in the Prontera Cattleya shop moved to the Recruit section.
  • Another attempt to fix for the anti-virus false positives, hopefully it becomes better this time.
  • A temporary fix for the “holes” in the floor in the Ymir Cave. Hopefully it helps not falling through the floor.
  • Main story quest improvements for the illiterate people.
  • Quest map marks improved for the Mail Logistics and Gathering The Mail quests.
  • Quest group cooldown not working fixed.
  • Small translation fixes.

Looks like the channels are finally fixed. Please test them thoroughly.