[2022-07-08] Combat mechanics, market adjustments, and more

  • Character base health per level calculation updated, increasing the resulting maximum character health by 2 times on average for each level. Monster health increased by 2 times as well. These values should synergize better with the attack values of our combat mechanics. This should greatly improve the feel of the combat, make it more stable and allow the use of more skills per combat. This is still far from ideal but already an improvement. Related fixed-number bonuses (like bonus health from cards) are going to be reviewed and adjusted later.

  • Base health regeneration increased by 2 times as well.

  • Resting health and mana regeneration (when sitting/laying down) increased from 1.5x to 2x compared to normal regeneration when standing.

  • Rifle attack distance now properly limited on the client side based on your Rifle Mastery skill level, instead of silently making the attack to miss. Your character now properly can run to the real attack distance before starting to shoot. Also, the change in distance throughout the levels of the Rifle Mastery skill updated to make the growth exponential.

  • Stop attacking hotkey added. When pressed, it stops any attacks or spell casting that your character may be doing. By default it’s bound to the [X] key on your keyboard, but can be rebound in the settings.

  • You can now control most of the actions in the NPC dialogs with your keyboard. Previously you could only skip the dialog by pressing the [Spacebar] and exit using [Escape]. Now you can select any dialog button or a choice option by pressing the corresponding key from [1] to [9] ([1] for the leftmost button or topmost option, [2] for the next one and so on).

  • Cornutus and Coralictus loot drop rates decreased.

  • You can now create market listings for much longer (5, 10, 15, or 20 days).

  • Market listing fee per day decreased by 10 times (now it’s 5 rupee per day).

  • Base attack delay with empty hands increased from 1.2s to 1.7s.

  • Quick Strike skill can no longer be activated without a weapon.

  • Soul Strike casting time increased from 2.5s to 3.5s; cooldown time increased from 2s to 3.5s.

  • Fixed a bug that made the channel number on your minimap to disappear.

  • World channels testing is finished, we’re now back to a single channel. We may need another test a little later though.

  • Magnificat skill description fixed.

  • Russian translation for the Unripe Pukui spirit card fixed.

  • Skill element icons removed for now since they’re not implemented.

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Oh no, money farming is harder now lol

Thanks for the update tho, we’ll make this project awesome.

Very good and interesting list of changes! Thanks!

Changes even nerf mages thats not good at all and makes it super hard to earn money. I don’t like that.
Not sure how i feel about the quick strike change but this changes everything early on maybe that discourages not leveling your weapon and using their fists but kinda makes it really useless. Soul strike was essential now we don’t have a good skill anymore.

You wanted to say “the most OP skill in the game that we were abusing instead of using enchanter skills”?

Just a reminder, this is still a very rough version of the combat mechanics, it’s still a long way to make it nice. These changes are basically done to remove some of the biggest imbalances in the game, that either give a big advantage compared to others, or don’t work as intended.
We still gonna improve how all that feels in general, it’s rough for most of the classes at the moment.

I think its just how the class was originally its not abusing the game its just literally how it was intented to be played adventurer is a class too