[2022-07-09] New magic skills, party item sharing, class/weapon change price drop, and more

  • Phantom Strike adventurer skill added, which performs fast-casting, very low mana cost, low power attack. Should be very useful if you run out of mana. This skill is transferable.

  • Peace of Mind adventurer skill added that increases your mana regeneration when sitting. This skill is transferable only to Priests and Enchanters.

  • Soul Strike skill book price increased very slightly because it’s now a more powerful skill than originally intended.

  • Class change price is now fixed to 500 rupee for any class and level.

  • Weapon type change price is now fixed to 1000 rupee for any level as well.

  • Random party loot distribution implemented: when selected, each loot item is assigned to a random player in the party around the dead monster (who are in the visibility range).

  • Monster corpse despawn timers increased to 100~120 seconds.

  • Equipment damage from critical and blocked hits decreased from 2 to 1.

  • Small translation fixes.