[2022-07-16] New Prontera quests, monster drop, item price and durability adjustments, bugfixes


  • Three new small repeatable quests for the Prontera region. They become available at levels 10, 12, and 17.


  • Stars Headband and Bunny Headband requirements adjusted, now it’s easier to obtain these items.
  • Drop rate and item prices adjusted. Now it’s much more consistent, it’s easier now to obtain some money in the Prontera region.
  • Equipment maximum durability increased across almost all the items. The most significant increases can be seen on the medium/heavy armor and shields. You have to repair your items at least once in order to receive the increased durability on your existing items.
  • Weapon now gets repaired as well when you upgrade it.
  • Maximum character limit on a single account increased to 8.


  • Now a proper error message is being displayed when a quest becomes unavailable on the board.

Also, some other bug fixes that were deployed in the few previous days:

  • Pukui Card effect not working fixed. #1922
  • Incorrect damage output for the Mark Target skill fixed. #1879
  • Dance emotion not working on some classes fixed. #1787 #1876
  • Play dead skill resetting oxygen fixed. #1963
  • Fixed respawn dialog window disappearing before reviving in some cases. #1834
  • Visual UI bug fixed that prevented some item bonuses from being displayed properly. #1819
  • Health/mana bars now always display at least 1 pixel wide bar when the health/mana is greater than 0. #1870
  • Various typos and translations fixed. #1933 #1900 and more.
  • Various client-server movement synchronization problems fixed. #1918 and more.
  • Fixed various bugs that prevented changing zones or entering the game sometimes.
  • Server-side logging improved.