[2022-07-24] Prontera harvesting nodes and maps, equipment binding, bug fixes

Improvements for the Prontera region, lots of bug fixes, and more…


  • Harvesting node spawns added for the Prontera region.
  • Ping to the server can now be seen when you hover your mouse cursor over the channel number next to your minimap.
  • An additional warning has been added when you change your weapon type that warns you about losing all enchantments in the process.
  • Proper connection checks added on the server side to properly disconnect dead connections.


  • Most of the equipment pieces are no longer bound to the character when equipped. You are now free to trade your equipment items.
  • Soundtrack playlists slightly improved for Southwest of Prontera.


  • Zone maps for the Prontera region updated, proper translations added. #1809 #1806
  • Various problems with zone region labels for the Prontera region zones.
  • Monsters now properly exit combat and regenerate their health when returning back to their spawn location. #1852
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Defense Stance getting stuck in the enabled state when a shield breaks. #1961
  • Various equipment and weapon repairing problems fixed.
  • Fixed a server-side bug that caused some server nodes to stop accepting incoming connections.
  • Various client-server communication problems fixed.
  • Various server-side logging and monitoring fixes and improvements.