[2022-07-31] Monster AI improvements, new item icons, bugfixes

This week was mostly dedicated to network debugging in attempt to fix the most important client-server network communication issues. Hopefully all critical problems are now fixed.


  • Over 30 missing item icons added.
  • Skill casting support for monster/npc AI: now mage monsters cast their skills for a specific duration, which can be interrupted with effects like Stun/Sleep.
  • A bunch of improvements in preparation for monster and class rework:
    • Patrolling monsters AI support.
    • Self-targeted and AoE skill support for monster AI.
    • Initial delay support for ticking auras (like wounds, regen, etc.)


  • Skills no longer fail when a target moved beyond maximum skill range (up to +1m) after the casting started.
  • Character statistics improvement: kill/death/harvest counts now count the whole group of monsters/structures with the same name (it was working on the individual variation level previously).


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing skill transfers under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused occasional disconnects for poor quality connections (on packet drops, partial packets).
  • Fixed packet corruption under certain rare situations (like receiving a big chunk of small packets, for example, as a result of the /statistics command).
  • Fixed a bug that caused disconnects after long map loading.
  • Fix for incorrect mana/rage skill requirements for NPCs and monsters.
  • Incorrect battle state calculation fixed that caused rage decays when still in combat (this mostly affected ranged/mage classes).
  • Fixed a bug in the monster AI that caused them to stop attacking and drop the aggro after not receiving damage for certain time.
  • Few server database bug fixes.
  • Few small typo fixes.

where can i download the original client?

Join the Discord server and PM me.