[2023-02-28] Another monster & combat update

A small game update that includes few more monster skills, various monster and character stat adjustments, bug fixes, and more… Early level combat now should feel better.


  • Client crash reporter service implemented. Now you can submit crash reports directly from the error window (previously it was leading to a non-existent page).
  • A bunch of new monster skills for: Mermaids, Mermen, Steel Chon-Chons, Sharks, Flatros, Rodha Frogs, Tagata Clan bandits.
  • Experimental Spanish language added.


  • Base melee/ranged/magic attack value for characters increased by 7 and now equals to 10 for melee, 12 for ranged, and 19 for magic.
  • Various monster stat and AI adjustments for: Mermen, Vadons and Small Vadons, Unripe Pukui, Unripe Puku-Puku , Cave Puffers, Tagata Clan bandits, Bon-Bon, Chon-Chons and Small Chon-Chons, Turtle.


  • Various fixes regarding the “Move to target” option behavior. Now it should be more consistent.
  • Armor damage calculation fixes.
  • Lif Island Cattleya respawn point fixed.
  • Various “under-the-hood” server improvements.
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