A couple of grammar mistakes

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Website / Launcher / Game / etc. ):
Game / Item name / Quest dialogue / User Interface

NPC Name, Quest Name, Skill/Item Name (if relevant):

  1. “Map of the Marman Island” item. It should be “Map of the Merman Island”, or alternatively, the place could be renamed to “Mer Island” since I guess the race’s name is supossed to be Mer and Merman is just a male Mer.

  2. In the character creation skill, “Rune-Midgarts” was mispelled. It was written as “Rune-Midgard” instead.

  3. Averro’s dialogue in “Lunch Delivery” quest. Wrong punctuation.

Describe the problem:
I found a couple of minor grammar mistakes.

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