A suggestion about monsters variety

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): The game itself.

Description: Add ~5 Porings/Drops/Poporing/Male Thief Bug/Thief Bug Larva randomly scattered across each map. The list continues with everything that drops more or less economically important loot(in this case, Sticky Mucus). This way, players will get a little more monster variety and a small change to receive a useful loot or even a card. The current spawns feel better than the grid from before, but it still feels very strict - this area belongs to these NPCs only, and this one belongs only to these. Would be nice sometimes to meet a completely different NPC from another area or map.
There were those moments in ragnarok when you go farm really high level mobs on a very distant map and there is a single looter Drops or Poring there that roams through the area. It’s a nice thing to have because you can also get a Drops card. You can always decide not to kill such monsters because you don’t want to get their loot(their card could be much worse compared to the card that you can drop from the monsters that usually reside on the area).

  1. Lesser increase to Sticky Mucus gain.
  2. Lesser increase to cards variety.
  3. Increase to NPC variety.
  4. A chance to meet monsters that you usually don’t meet( e.g. a Thief Bug Egg on a beach).