About the game rules

Greetings! I have a bunch of questions regarding the game’s rules.

  1. Is organization of any sort of tournaments, 1v1 PvP for instance or any sort of another competition with a currency prize define as a rule 3.1/3.2 break?

  2. Is 3.3 rule also affects Auction House/Trading post? I can post an item for much lower or much higher price by accident or on purpose. I may also post a common item for a price of 1mill zeny or i can do revers with an expensive item and post it for 1 rupi. Do i cheat this way?

  3. If the administration goes for the rule change by redacting the original rule post are users going to be noticed about that, i mean via forum engine features(tracking)? Although the rules not going to be changed every day, it would be nice to get any sort of notification about changing the original rule post. As it comes with new post notification.

No, tournaments themselves are not considered gambling, as long as you don’t organize betting on the winner or on other condition with any valuables (in-game or IRL). A prize for the winner or entry fees are also fine. But just to be on the safe side I would recommend consulting with the administration before organizing something that.

Just posting an item for some strange price (too much higher or lower than the usual market price), either by mistake or on purpose, is not considered a fraud. But if you, for example, tried to mislead other player by convincing them that you’re going to place an item for 1 rupee, but instead placed it for one zeny, it can be considered a violation of the game rules.

I’m going to post a change log as a reply to the game rules topic each time I make any changes to the original post. You can “watch” the topic to receive the notifications.

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