Add some stats to cosmetics items

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ):

Description: I like that the craft requires that many items. But it feels strange that cosmetics items don’t give any stats. Yes, i know that it is called “cosmetics” for a reason. But still, i think that a small amount of stats would be nice.
Here are some examples:

  1. Halo +2% def against holy.
  2. Bunny ears +2 LUCK
  3. The mouse hat +2 ATK
  4. The hodd stars headband +15 SP.

It is also cool when you can see some sense in what stats every item gives. I mean, if you see an item with the Halo name, you can assume that the item gives something related to holy.

The numbers are rough. I have used those only as an example.

I rather don’t have that because then it makes it so you have to choose one based on stats but not on looks. I wanna wear what i want but still deal good damage. It would force me to wear something i don’t like. One solution to that would be a cosmetic item slot. Basically an item that you wear over the real gear that doesn’t affect anything but looks.

I like the fact you have no stats on the headgears and can choose the effect with the pool of headgear cards we have. I would also rather people be able to choose their fashion.

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Imo, investing time and/or money in something that gives no stats is not okay.

I agree with Dia and Elith.
Also, investing time and money on cosmetics is fine for me.
memories of paying amounts of money for romantic flower in ro1

The flower does give stats. Romantic Flower :: Armor :: Headgear - RO Item
This is the point, add at least some stats to the cosmetics.

good memory!
but it was so lesser that we didn’t even take that into account. Most people used it for fashion not for defense.

A good example of headgear that locked people fashion opportunity because of stats

But I do indeed like the idea to give stats to headgears, its just that I wouldnt like to restrict our character appearance because it is BiS or it’ll make my toon less stronger / tankier / whatever.

A really small bonus will be not that important for the players who choose a good looking appearance over minmaxing the stats. For the minmaxing players the bonus will be important but will give not that much to actually talk about some kind of a serious advantage. Some people might skip wearing an ugly hat that gives a +2 ATK, but some people might find reasonable to wear that ugly hat only because it gives the +2.
I do really feel like an item that requires 45 medium crystals on top of an uncommon boss drop should give at least something. Cosmetics requires a lot of magical items to be crafted, which means that the result item might also give some magic (stats).
I’m a ro1 minmaxing junkie. I used to spend more time with the calculator than actually playing. I like the idea of thinking that you have the best built character for certain activities. I would love to minmax all pieces of the equipment.