Ammo price mechanics

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Description: ATM we have a single bullet that costs 1 rupee which kinda makes recruits to gain money slower because you always need to spend some for the ammo. But recruits kill things really fast. Not only because of class mechanics, but they also have really high damage. The 1 bullet per 1 rupee is not even a problem, it just makes you make money a little slower, especially on the early levels.

My suggestion is to increase the ammo price for higher level content and higher level of character equipment.
The first way is to make different types of ammo for different levels of the weapon. For example:

  1. Weapon lvl 1-10: stock ammo, 1 rupee e.i.
  2. Weapon lvl 11-20: improved ammo, 2 rupee e.i.

And so on. You still can use other types of ammo. You can use the stock ammo(1-10 range) with an 11+lvl weapon, but you will get a -50% damage deal debuff this way.
You can also add a craftable ammo.

It is just a sketch, numbers are rough.

The idea is to somehow make recruits to spend more money on the ammo. You can’t just deal 150dmg per attack with a bullet that costs 1 rupee.