Auction title page

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Description: When you enter the auction menu, you need to enter a name of an item and chose a category to which the item belongs. After that, you are going to see the result. But when you have just entered the auction menu, you see no items listed.
I suggest adding a some sort of showcase which will contain some of the items that are listed on the auction. So if you enter the auction, you will see not a black space of nothing but randomly listed items, randomly picked up from the whole list of the listed on the auction items.
I think that the showcase should contain a randomly picked item from a random picket category. This way the items on the showcase will be always different. Although, not every category will be listed there (there is not enough room to fit all categories) and sometimes the list will contain items from the same category. But, at least it will contain some items. Same items should not be listed at the showcase, even if those have been auctioned by different player.
In general, a completely blank title page (the showcase) of something that is called auction is strange.