Camera rotation speed decrease

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Game / Launcher / Website / etc. ): Game

Describe the problem: Camera rotation speed decreases every time character appears in a new zone or after every load screen(maybe). Changing areas for instance cause this problem. Camera rotation speed goes slowly from i think minimal to the set one.

What was the expected behavior?: Camera rotation speed should be always the same.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. Change in-game world area.

Can you reproduce the problem?: Yes.

Operating System, Browser version, Antivirus, or any other related platform information (if relevant):

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

Looks like it depends on the FPS. The lower your FPS value the slower the camera movement.

Did you reproduce it? Its like every time(!) i switch between ingame zones or every time after load screen it happens. It also happened to me on other clients and servers. The effect is always the same. This looks pretty weird because as i can tell this decrease effect feels like intended feature because the value of the decrease and the way i get rid of it is also always the same. It feels like i have to travel constantamount of pixels with my mouse and this amount is always the same(exact same). Like i have to play mini game every time to accelerate my sensitivity.

I think so… For me it was slowing down only when the FPS drops (including right after the map load), but when it loads completely, the FPS increases and so does the camera speed.

Not sure if camera speed recovers over time. As far as i feel, it recovers with mouse travel distance. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous. :grimacing:

The only “loading” when I don’t get that effect is when I use the nearest Cattleya as a resurrection point or resting service. I guess it is because I don’t change areas this way.