Cave of Ymir adjustments

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ):

Description: I was farming crystals recently and i saw a couple of things that might be improved.

  1. The monsters placement. There are some spots here and there where there are just too many monsters. They just exist there and nobody will ever touch them. Those packs of monsters are simply unkillable. In fact, there are a lot situations where you can’t pull only a single monster and they always come with 2+.
    Solution: Add better spawns. If a spot has a lot of monsters, you could put a crystal there. Just to make it reasonable to kill those packs.

  2. It is pretty unrealistic to farm the crystals if there is somebody else who farms them. There are too few crystal spots. After farming for a while i realised that even on the best spot (the one that has 3 nods) it takes a really long time to farm crystals. In fact, i think that the hat that requires crystal to craft is pretty unrealistic to make. I had 2 medium crystals in 2-3 hours (maybe even longer). And if you add somebody else who farms the crystals, than the farming becomes much longer.

I don’t know if intended, so i will just put it here.