Client crashes when streaming game over Discord

The moment when the error appeared (e.g. entering the game / moving between maps / during combat / etc. ):

Client consistently crashes when I’m trying to stream it over Discord to friends.

List the steps that occurred before the crash happened::

  1. Be ingame
  2. Start streaming game on discord (what I’ve tried was DM, not sure if servers would behave the exact same way)
  3. Move between maps or end stream, client will close itself, sometimes with a log sometimes not

Full critical error message, if available (including system info, message text and the history chain):

no error message given, client just closes itself

The Discord application for broadcasting performs a reading of the application, this is usually very flawed.

I’ve seen it happen with several games. It’s the way the Discord application captures this screen.

Unfortunately, I think it’s unlikely that the developer will be able to adjust something in the game to avoid this problem on the discord’s part.

Personally, I always transmit on my server and this problem does not occur.

I suggest you disable graphics acceleration in your discord settings, just access the path (User Settings > Advanced > Hardware Acceleration and turn this option off.

Your discord will restart, this adjustment prevents your discord from sharing resources from your graphics card, it helps with various errors like yours.

I hope this helps you.

Thanks for the tips! My hardware acceleration was already off the whole time. I deactivated the DLL injection setting as well, and that made it so the game doesn’t crash anymore but it freezes anytime it needs to load a new map. The loading finishes normally once I close the stream.

So… not a solution, but at least it stops crashing which is an improvement! xD