Closed Beta Test #1 is over. Thank you everyone!

Our first closed beta test ended yesterday. Thank you all who participated and helped to make it possible!

In general, the test went a lot better than I originally anticipated. I was expecting a lot of problems with the launcher, inability to enter the game, server crashes… But seems like it went pretty smooth in general. Everyone was able to join (not without problems, but still), the main game systems were working very well, and looks like the game in general was surprisingly stable and playable.

Of course, there were still a lot of problems, which we will try to fix during the next stages of the beta test, but the main goal for this test was to make sure that all the systems of the project, all pieces of the infrastructure, work well together and there are no big problems that can prevent people from playing the game. And this goal has been successfully achieved.

And the greatest part is that the people were sharing their experience, asking questions, reporting bugs, making suggestions, and actually playing the game together. It allowed me to collect so much valuable feedback I had never hoped. It made extremely clear what people are expecting, what is lacking from the game and what to focus on next. Thank you everyone!

So, what did we find out during the test?

The server

The server performed extremely well during the test. I totally didn’t expect that. There were only two major problems with it:

  • Personal zone instances were not destroying at all after being used. Which meant that the memory and the CPU consumption on one of the servers was constantly increasing each time someone triggered a personal instance (first two zones of the main story quest for example).
  • A memory leak was discovered in the monster despawning system. Which also meant that the memory consumption of the servers was constantly growing.

The first problem was not a big deal as the personal instance server was isolated from the other servers and it was very easy to restart it without any interruptions for the players. The second problem though forced me to restart the whole world on the second day because of the lag. I’ve made a temporary fix for that and will solve this problem properly before the CBT2.

Other than that, it was great. Yes, a lot of stuff was not yet implemented (like geodata for the NPCs, because of that they were constantly glitching through the terrain and surrounding objects), there were some small bugs in game logic (like few broken skills, incorrect pricing calculation, etc.), but nothing critical.

The client

The client on the other hand, wasn’t so stable. A lot of people had reported long load times, performance drops, crashes, and a ton of small bugs in general. Also, a lot of people were struggling with false-positive alerts from Windows Defender. At least (or as far as I know) everyone was able to play eventually, no one was stuck with a totally broken client.
We’ll try our best to fix most of these problems (or at least, the most critical ones) before the start of the CBT2.

Game content

This was probably the main problem with the game during the CBT1. People ran through the initial quests instantly and then it was just grinding. Classes and skills were unbalanced, unfinished.
Because the skill transfer and parties were not working, a lot of classes were left extremely weak and almost useless while some other classes were totally overpowered. Total lack of the guidance on how to progress or do some basic stuff like change the class or weapon, left many players confused.
This is the main problem we’re going to work on for the next beta test.

Some statistics

The test lasted for about 4.5 days

We started as planned, on August 7th 8:00am UTC and the server was successfully running (with the exception of a few hotfix restarts) since then until the final restart at August 11th 6:00pm UTC. After that, we did a very small event just for fun. The server went down at about 8:30pm UTC.

282 issues reported

Everyone did an awesome job with the testing and reporting bugs, and making great suggestions. It was hard to keep up with the number of posts being created on the forums during the test. Some of those are duplicates of course, but it’s totally fine. Now I need to sort them out and check every one of those. Yay! :ani_swt3:
But I’m actually really glad we have everything documented like that, and in most cases with screenshots and even with video! It’s extremely helpful.
In addition to that, I have collected tens of problems I’ve noticed myself or heard from the players but never seen those on the forums. We have a lot to work on now!

Total amount of people invited: 137

Among them who had actually entered the game: 81.
We invited about 70 people for the initial start of the server. About half of those either had participated in the development of the project or were long time supporters; The other half was taken from the CBT application form on the forums.
After the server had stabilized and we fixed the most important bugs, we started inviting more people every day (the second batch of invitations was sent about 5 hours after the initial start). At the end, everyone who had applied for the CBT was invited, up until the announcement of the CBT closing.

Peak players online: 32

As expected, the players were mostly active during the weekend and the amount of people online dropped as soon as the work week started. Averaging at about 23 during the weekend and during the EU prime time on the weekdays and about 10 during the night time and working hours in EU. On total, the average players online were about 16.


Only 26 persons had discovered that there is a small sidequest on the boat.
Total of 633 boxes were delivered from the Hoddmimis Post Office to the harbor.
And more than two thousand Kui-Kuis and Pui-Puis gave their lives to decorate the Hoddmimis Inn. R.I.P.

Skill books

On total, Cattleya had sold 866 skill books to the players for a total amount of 38 Zeny 5799 Rupees.

Top 30 characters

Show the results
# Name Total Base Exp Base Level Class
1 Darkt 91500 15 Assassin
1 Лайф 91500 15 Priest
3 fyfe 55095 13 Knight
4 Neris 36207 12 Adventurer
5 NewGun 33292 11 Enchanter
6 iLarch 32886 11 Berserker
7 RooftopNinja 30259 11 Knight
8 ThatOneGuy 28439 11 Berserker
9 meta 28328 11 Enchanter
10 Echoladone 28227 11 Berserker
11 Edzik 26883 11 Berserker
12 Oilvert 24678 11 Assassin
13 ExKudesnik 24330 10 Enchanter
14 TheSoaringSokol 21132 10 Enchanter
15 Abbey 20127 10 Berserker
16 Arqueduck 19131 10 Recruit
17 Атиони 17110 10 Berserker
18 Rincew1nd 16789 10 Enchanter
19 Morang 16768 10 Assassin
20 Aquarii 16088 9 Adventurer
21 Omoto 15886 9 Recruit
22 RaviOlly 14939 9 Recruit
23 ezCaos 13737 9 Assassin
24 Skroyan 13321 9 Adventurer
25 Inoue 13278 9 Recruit
26 DRAMA 12425 9 Recruit
27 Shrike 11242 9 Knight
28 Гестия 10369 8 Priest
29 Schenog 10347 8 Enchanter
30 Shidon 8956 8 Assassin

And no, I didn’t use any GM commands to gain advantage. :ani_omg:


Here are some screenshots taken from the media sharing channels in our Discord:

Click to expand

So, what’s next?

Now we have to solve a lot of problems that came up during the test (or at least the most important ones) and finish/implement everything planned for CBT2.

For now, I can’t name any dates, stay tuned for the news. I’ll try to post regular updates on our Discord server.

And again, thank you everyone! It was great!


Thanks for the awesome summary!
Very happy to see the first CBT was such a big success!


Thank you Ymir Team for your hard work!


Hi, I can only agree with the previous speakers. It was really great and thanks a lot for taking such hard work to make this possible for us. Thumbs up, keep it up!

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Glad to see GOTW resurface.
I remember playing this game for a long time in the past.
I couldn’t participate in the first BT1, but I’ll be watching, maybe on BT2.
Success for the Ymirheim team!