Collection system + Bestiary completion system

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): Game.

Description: As it was mentioned before it would be nice to add some sort of collection system into the game. If the player complete the collection the player gain some stats. It would be nice to get themed collections. Beach collection: vadons, asters, e.t.c. Ocean collection: Sharks, fishes, e.t.c. Would be nice to get monsters from different regions inside one themed collection. We can see beaches not only in hoddmimis area. Sure that single monster type could be seen in different regions.
I would like to suggest to add some sort of hunting step by step achievements with one time rewards. This system can be done in many ways but i think the way it should be done for us is huge amount of killed monsters should be rewarded with a permanent stat increase.

100 vadons = some sort of food buff item or potion(potions doesnt not look like realistic reward for killing the crabs but for the 100 pukui kills already looks better).
1k vadons = some sort of cosmetic headgear. Should be themed.
10k vadons = permanent stat increase.
This system should have an interface, of course. And also in its interface should be the “total stats gained from killing monsters” statistics(same for the collection system).
I noticed that most of the players play this game in their own way, this is why i think cosmetic rewards should be easier to get than permanent stats rewards(usually its revers or both or with out permanent stat increase). Maybe there is should be npc related to specific ingame system to make it looks more realistic. You cant just complete the collection in middle of the world, you need to go to the npc who will check the stuff you brought. If everything is okay, you get the reward. Same for the bestiary NPC.
I think both systems are good, because they create another level of making decision stuff. If, for instance, i have nothing to do in the game i always can go and farm monster which can give me the stats i want.