Community learning process. Ymirheim team behavior

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): Game

Description: Here is my thoughts. This is not a secret that playing mmorpg contains following actions: exploration, making mistakes(also trying something stupid over and over), farm/grind, communication/other social activities, finding information about the game on 3rd party resources(if needed)/finding information on the official game wiki.

Some improvements which could enhance Ymirheim experience.

I suggest to the Ymirheim Team to not provide the players information that could be learned via exploration/making mistakes/playing the game. Providing this kind of information using public chat is cheating(receive information from the developer instead of studying it for yourself. The developer can not be mistaken in any sort of information about in-game mechanic e.t.c.) and spoiler(
show information to everyone, even if not everyone asked for it). Ideally, even PM information transfer should be forbidden(cheating but not spoiler).

The information that could be provided by the Ymirheim team:

  1. Information about current state of the project(available areas, monsters, drops, bosses, e.t.c.). This one is not cheating because although ro2gotw is not popular compare to other mmos still there was a bunch of ro2gotw versions. Learning new version features by yourself is unnecessary but not forbidden. I think its okay to ask the developer about differences between two versions of the one game. Considering that you have already learned another version.
  2. Providing information from the offline game wiki IF this information can not be learned via playing the game or via asking other players. Stats description, full loot drop list, current patch, quests, e.t.c.

Please, feel free to discuss/suggest/critic. Thank you.