Could not authenticate through launcher (cloudflare problem)

It seems that launcher does not support cookies and always crashes uppon stumbling cloudflare capcha.

If your internet connection is somehow “not trustable”, cloudflare will request you to fill out captcha. Uppon trying to load a captcha service launcher throws error “Failed to load page: ERR_BLOCKED_BY_RESPONSE”.
Pressing only one available button, “OK”, will result in closure of ymirheim authentification form, which will result in restriction to login into server.

Possible resolutions:
After reading some of the forums and looking into source code of the launcher it seems like cefsharp chromium browser doesn’t have access to cookies (cause it should be enabled separately through CefSettings). Maybe turning it on will result in successfull capcha service load and further authentication.

How to replicate:
Try to use a russian IP, it seems like it’s 100% replicatable scenario.
Maybe if you will try to access site through not reputable VPN it will also replicates.

Checked my solution myself on cefsharp example and it works normally even without it…
For some reason request to… are not successful, i guess there is something with browser integrity check on cloudflare side and it will be easily seen in debug.

The launcher’s browser has fully functional cookies, otherwise you won’t be able to even log into Ymirheim ID.

And it works for everybody else. I tried to investigate this problem before with no luck and it seems like this problem affects only a couple of people. To me it seems like the problem is somewhere on the path inbetween the launcher and our servers. Check your firewall/antivirus, check whatever you have installed in the system that can block or modify SSL connections or DNS requests, or maybe it’s on ISP level, I have no idea.

But it affects almost everybody who happens to be in Russia, at least as I can see by people who stumble upon the same problems.
It’s not happening to me when I’m using the same network and libraries used in the launcher of Ymirheim.
For example, I could easily access the authentication link in any standalone browser and successfully pass Cloudflare captcha and Ymirheim authentication.

If you decide to investigate it further, I will willingly provide a tunnel to my network or my PC to dump any data that you need.

К сожалению и у меня точно такая же проблема, подскажите пожалуйста пути ее решения. Раньше все работало, но после ЗБТ все перестало работать и выдает такую же ошибку при запуске лаунчера игры, пробовал и с другого компьютера и под другую ОС и переустанавливать клиент игры, но ничего не помогает! Прошу помощи!
на сайт в свою учетку захожу свободно , а в игру не могу зайти!