Delayed death animation from damage over time (DOT)

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Broken model or texture / Incorrectly placed model / Particle Effect / Animation / Collision problem / etc. ):
There is a delay in monster death animation when DOT kills the monster (in this case Deep Cut is used)

Location/Coordinates (/pos, if relevant):

Describe the problem:

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared (if relevant):

  1. Apply DOT (Deep Cut)
  2. Let the monster die with DOT
  3. Delay death animation happens

Can you reproduce the problem? (if relevant):
Yes, everytime a monster dies from DOT (maybe only applies to Deep Cut).

EDIT I think while the animation is delayed the monster can still attack ( I’ll try to clip that as well). Althought the damage shows up, it’s not taken by the character and not found in the log.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):

Damage shown after death: