Enchanter gameplay so far

My experience with Enchanter so far.

As I write this I’m lv19 Enchanter killing Poison Spores.
So far the killing experience has been using 2-3 Soul Strikes to kill any monster. The “fun” starts when I miss and have to run away to gain distance. This is tricky if you consider 5sec cast time on Fireball and 7sec on Lightning Strike. This is where Ice Wave comes to save the day. I was looking for slower monsters like Stone Spiders or Poison Spores. I gave up on stuff like Wolves, way too risky.

Enchanters skills so far are nice to look and the effects funny. They may feel kinda weak right now because of the % chances of activating their effects but from what I understand with higher levels we will be able to get 100% on them or close to that.

Swordstick Mastery - Magic Hit and Balance is nice but I see no reason for Melee Hit to be there, I was doing everything to NOT be in melee. Unless we get some close range melee skill that does magic damage there is no reason to get closer than 18m to mob lol.

Increase Spiritual Power - Extra Mana (and mana recovery?) is always nice.

Sense of Magic - Magic evasion, I am not sure how impactful this is, maybe later on this will be big enough of a bonut to be reliable. Any passive avoidance, especially against ranged attacks is nice tho.

Fire Mastery - More fire damage, I really like this. Will other elements get something similar? Maybe Ice Mastery that gives chance to root in place target under freeze?

Memorize - I haven’t been able to use this yet. 5 rage is not that easy to generate on Enchanter, I need more time to test this.

Mana Shield - Another interesting skill I haven’t been able to test, we are missing lv1 book. The mp cost is heavy, I really wanna try it tho, damage reduction sounds cool.

Soul Strike - Not Enchanters skills but it’s basic mage skill, anyone with INT will use this. Nice range, short cd. With 28 mana cost I can spam it for good few minutes, 485 mp at lv19, 4-5 mp per regen tick.
It’s too good but I’m not sure how it should be nerfed, Increased cast time will make it feel awful for Priests and Adventures if they will try to kill anything with medium speed.

Fireball - 60% to apply burn at lv3. Burn deals damageover time, doing around half the fireballs damage? The higher chance of activation we get with level, the better this skill will be. It’s amazing and it will only be better with both Fire Mastery and better burn chance.

Ice Wave - Another amazing skill, 1s cast time, freeze chance, slowing enemy for 7s, ideal as a set up for longer casts. I absolutely love this spell. Perfect for kiting mobs. I would love to see the freeze actually freeze mobs in place but I feel I’m being greedy.

Lightning Strike - Sadly, this skill is mediocre when compared to Fireball and Ice Wave. The damage seems weak, it has similar growth rate as Fireball, but no burn or Mastery, Fireball is just better for dealing damage. 7s cast time is also a big downside, I wouldn’t mind it if the spell had anything else to offer. The chance for 1s stun is whatever. It needs to have damage increased or something else added to it, maybe +% crit chance. Again, 1s stun is whatever. The skill is flashy for sure, it looks nice.

My opinion of Enchanter skills might change on future updates as we get into longer fights. Discusion welcome! Share your thoughts.

Thanks a lot for sharing the feedback!
Also keep in mind that the element system is not working yet. It’s going to have big impact on Enchanter.

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