Extremely Buggy Dungeon: Cave of Ymir floors 1 and 2

Quest/Event/Dungeon Name, NPC Name:
Cave of Ymir LV1

14 Beserker

Party or solo:

Describe the problem (please hide any spoilers under the “Hide Details” block):
There are multiple issues with this zone

  1. Monsters are constantly falling through the floor and de-syncing
  2. I potentially also fall through the floor at random
  3. Dying inside Ymir cave and respawning at Ymir cave level 2 makes some incredibly strange stuff happen until you restart the game. Such as exiting from ymir floor 2 to enter floor 1 will make you fall through, You also lose the ability to sit and it feels like mobs stop dropping items.

The behavior is extremely strange

What was the expected behavior?:
The whole zone to function a bit better, Dying to not cause incredible glitches

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared:

  1. Killing Coralictus near entrence on ground level
  2. Mobs start falling through floor or desyncing
  3. *Dies
  4. Respawn at ymir cave level 2
  5. Enter ymir cave level 1
  6. (Sometimes fall through floor dying again)
  7. Can not sit
  8. Mobs stop dropping items it seems
  9. Game sometimes crashes when trying to enter character select

Do you have any quest items in your inventory?:

Are you stuck and can’t progress further?:
Not stuck I can teleport to my kafra

Can you reproduce the problem?:
I cant tell if it exactly happens when I die or when the problem with not sitting occurs, if you test a melee class and start farming in the area you will see all the problems I am seeing, it happens with multiple monsters and with me randomlly falling.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):
Hard to screencap multiple issues with zone