Game crash in window mode when you minimize it

The moment when the error appeared (e.g. entering the game / moving between maps / during combat / etc. ): In game

List the steps that occurred before the crash happened::

  1. Just open up the game in window mode have to be ingame
  2. Once in game and you see your character in the world just click the minimize button on the top right
  3. Then you will crash (yay)

Full critical error message, if available (including system info, message text and the history chain):

Runtime Error! 
D:\Ragnarok 2\System\RagII.exe
abnormal program termination

Here’s the video you see me clicking the minimize button and see the crash. 2022-07-16 14-58-26

Picture just in case
Error Message

Play this on a 2k monitor also have a dual monitor setup which the game acts pretty funny about it.

I have a similar problem in windowed mode. Most loading screens end with errors.

Yeah it’s an old game, it dislikes being minimized or out of focus.