Hardcore character mode

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): Adding HC rules for the characters.


HC character restrictions:

  1. Can’t use Auction. You just can’t use that NPC. Should end up with the error message.
  2. Can’t trade with non-HC character. Should end up with the error message.
  3. Can’t trade with characters within -11/+11 level range. Should end up with the error message.
  4. Can’t party/raid/dungeon with non-HC characters. Should end up with the error message.

I think its might be more to add to these restrictions but to do that i need to learn more about the game.

HC character extension:

  1. Can trade with HC characters within -10/+10 level range. You can use a “mid-trader” to make the trade between out of level range characters possible. For instance, a level 45 character wants to trade some goods to a level 30 character. The level 45 character should trade the good to the level ~37 mid-trader, the lvl 37 mid-trader then trades the goods to the level 30 character.
  2. Can party/raid/dungeon with other HC character. To run a regular dungeon as a hardcore group, players should be more focused on the gear/craft/quests and another preparations(Potions, food, etc.). The group also might run an underleveled dungeon because its not that dangerous. They might want to get some items for the min-maxing.
  3. Every 10 levels the HC character is rewarded with some goods. I will list some of them based on my game knowledge (rough numbers incoming). Lvl 10 HC: 50 HP Potions and simple cosmetic item(to welcome a new HC character). The cosmetic items that obtainable via playing the HC should not be obtainable for the non-HC characters. Lvl 20 HC: ~10 FREE Equipment repair coupons/~5 FREE weapon level up coupons/~1 FREE Skill book(in the character level range) purchase coupons(maybe player should pick a single reward from the list). I cant guess what are the rewards that should be given further because i have no knowledge about the game at the further stages. Every 10 levels that the player made on the HC should be rewarded with some useful goods that could help the player on his journey. Also the cosmetics, to distinguish HC character from non-HC character. Name titles?

How to turn on the HC mode?

  1. Create a new character.
  2. Talk with a shade person on the ship and accept a quest the person gives.
  3. Pass the quest to the same person.
  4. Receive a HC Debuff icon with funny description. To let people know that you are a HC character.
  5. The character is now on the HC mode.


Again, its might be more to add here but its really hard to do so right now. I would love to balance the rewards and the restrictions/extensions to make the suggestion look more accurate but i think its pretty impossible for me to do that atm. This applies to most of my suggestions. I’m sorry for that. I feel really sorry for that because i feel like it would be so much easier to understand all of the suggestion’s pros and cons if the suggestion would be more accurate.


The player can turn on the HC only before base LVL 2. The player cannot turn the HC off after its on.

The NPC should warn the player about dying on hardcore always end up with character cannot be resurrected. No matter what was the reason of death. Regular dying, weird bugs, disconnect, etc. Its just like that, the game’s support should not help HC players with their dead characters. “If he dies, he dies”. The NPC should somehow warn player about these rules. Like, maybe in the dialog chat window or the player should receive some sort of a letter with the rules written on it.

The NPC dialog should be done as an unclear mumbling mixed with whispering of some random statements about something mysterious happening somewhere. Maybe even that the npc is talking to itself, like arguing. Here is an example:
Dialog page one: NPC: HERE? YOU? coughs It’s can’t be… Can’t be like that… Does that mean they are still watching…? It’s can’t be like that… Player: …what?
Dialog page two: NPC: No… No, no, no, no… Not now… It cant be happening… Not now…Not here… Give him/her the pact… The pact…? coughs The scroll… Is he/she worthy…? We will see… they know, they watching us… Player: Uhm, okay?
The player receives the quest with the letter(the pact) in the inventory. The letter tells about the hardcore rules. Player now should talk to the NPC again to pass the quest and to start the hardcore challenge.
Dialog page one: NPC: It’s YOU… coughs again? We should not… Is he/she still alive? Alive… the pact… can’t be. Player: I have a question about the letter…
Dialog page two: NPC: Did he/she read the pact? The pact…? coughs The scroll… They watching us… they know. Player: The text on the scroll is pretty weird…
Dialog page three: He/she can see the text… coughs Hahaha, lets start… they watching us… We will see… They will see… Player: 1. Listen about the text on the scroll(start the HC challenge). 2. Enough of this(rejects the HC challenge).
Both answers finish the quest and make the letter disappear. Answer №1 starts the HC challenge and Answer №2 rejects it.

After the quest is finished The shady NPC should disappear.


HC characters cannot use the mail system.

  1. If the player has accepted the HC quest(became a HC character) than this character immediately join the HC guild with only HC characters in it(the guild must be created by the developer).
  2. If the character dies it should be expelled from the guild. But not immediately, its more like the character dies and the player has some time to say “GG” and to see some “F” in its honor in the guild chat.
  3. In-guild chat messages about characters who reached certain level as a HC characters should be implemented(specific color).
  4. Same messages if the character dies(also specific color).
  5. If the character has reached certain base level as a HC character(like, high levels) than the special message should happen in the general chat(not only in the guild’s chat). So the whole server should know about the players who have reached certain high levels as a HC character. Same for the players who died at the high levels.

As a HC character you can’t party up with other HC character who are not within -10/+10 range. Error message should be shown. It prevents from boosting(kinda).

This is actually a mistake. You can’t trade with characters who are not within -10/+10 level range with your character. That is what it should meant.