Hello GM. Could you please update

Hello administrator.

This game is too difficult. Have you ever thought of changing anything?

Maybe improve the recovery speed, improve the character attributes

Gold coins are also difficult to obtain, making it impossible to purchase skills. Monster intensity too high?


I think we need to at least reduce the price of MP medicine and increase the speed of mana regeneration. Currently, killing 3-4 monsters requires meditation and rest for 1 minute. It’s simply too difficult. I hope the game can become better.


I hope you can see my post, my English is not good.

i agree!

I agree in every aspect!

Please read the Closed Beta Test #2 announcement post carefully:

This is NOT yet a finished “playable” version of the game, rather the opposite. Expect to see many problems, crashes, lack of content, imbalances. Also, beware that there is a possibility of partial rollbacks or even a complete wipe if something goes really wrong (but I’ll do my best to avoid that).

Please keep in mind that the closed beta is focused on making sure that all the systems work, while the following OBT will be focused on making the game playable and enjoyable. If you just want to play, I advise you to wait until the open beta.

At the moment, you’re seeing the game in an unfinished state. A lot of planned content is missing, only a few parts of it are currently available in the game. Gradually the missing content and features are going to be added to the game to make it playable as intended.
Making changes to the existing content just to make it easier would mean I would have to change it back again once the planned content is introduced. It also would increase chances of a wipe before the final release or even during the beta test.