HP potions. Part 1

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): HP Potions.

Description: The HP potions that we already have feel weird. First of all the potions are applying a hot effect which means you cant use them to heal the character in the critical situation. Second is they actually feel like out of combat healing, like bandages. This make the potions looks like not worth thing to craft or even to use. Third is even at the current level ~5-12 the potions do almost nothing during the combat. The potion lasts for 30 second and the fight usually is about 10 seconds long. So the potion usually heals like 1/3 of its heal during the fight. Actually this was the reason i used the potions quite rarely. It was like: why do i need to use the potion if i will kill the monster any way and than i can just sit and chill. The potion craft is not free and actually pretty time consuming. So its likeā€¦ not worth.
I think its a good idea to add 3 different types of the healing potions.
I will use the examples that i already know about, these are based on the game content i already saw.
HP Potions:

  1. Heal Potion(instant healing potion). Heals for 60 HP instantly. Costs(money, mats) 160% of the HoT HP Potion.
  2. Recovery Potion(Half instant and half HoT healing potion). Heals for 30 HP instant and than heals additionally for 30 HP in 15 seconds. Costs 130%(money, mats) 130% of the HoT HP Potion.
  3. Rejuvenation Potion(The Potion we had in the Beta. Completely HoT healing potion). Heals for 60 HP in 30 seconds. Costs(money, mats) 100% of the current price.

I think the potions should be worth thing to use because the lowbies should be able to make some money with selling some low level materials via Auction House. Same for a later game stages.