HP potions. Part 2

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): HP potions.

Description: I dont know about other stuff we will have in the Ymir. So atm my suggestions are only about the stuff we had in the beta.
It might be good idea to add lucky/unlucky craft to the potions.
Lets say, the potion recovers 60 HP in 30 seconds. There is a 15% chance to get the 66(54) HP in 30 seconds potion, 10% to get the 72(48) HP in 30 seconds potion and 5% to get 77(42) HP in 30 seconds potion. The players should not know the exact lucky/unlucky craft they got, the players should calculate what was that lucky/unlucky craft on their own.
Might be also good idea to add critical craft: 1% to make two potions instead of one and 1% to fail the craft(lose all the mats). If the fail happens the player should get similar to the rotten pukui slice item(some sore of junk meme item that cant be used). So the players could sell it…
These are rough numbers, but i think you got the idea.