Improving NPC behavior

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  1. If the player perform actions(casting skills, moving, fighting with other NPCs, basically making noise) within the NPC’s activation radius, but out of its sight zone, the NPC should face in the direction of those actions and after facing it NPC should engage a fight with the player. NPC cant see from its back but can hear.

  2. If the player took a fight with NPC1 which is located in a long range from the player and in sight area of another NPC2 than that another NPC2 should face running to the player NPC1 which is should end up with: non fighting NPC2 turns in the player direction and engage a fight with the player. NPC2 should start turning only(or not) when NPC1 leave NPC2 sight area, until it sees the player.

  3. In general if NPC see or hear that another NPC are fighting or about to fight they should join.

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All the aggressive NPCs already have a hearing range. If you do something close enough to them they will aggro even if they didn’t see you.
Assisting NPCs are not yet implemented but planned.

It feels like i can freely do what ever i want being in a pretty close range to the npc that cant see me. At this point i was experiencing something like stealth mechanics from casual stealth games. When you can perform ALOT but the hostile npc for some reason keep ignoring you. This is true that i wasnt trying to perform anything being super close to the hostile npc. But at this point its already looks like NPC should react earlier. Im pretty sure that i didnt make single “blind” npc to attack me while being cIose range to it(casting near its back, moving near its back, fighting with npc near its back, emoting near its back). I would define this one as a bug, but its actually wrong to think this way, because clearly this one is about personal preferences. At this point it feels like npc are only about “do not catch their eyes”. Other ways to attract the npc are pretty hard to perform.