Invisible NPCs in town

What this problem is related to? (e.g. Broken model or texture / Incorrectly placed model / Particle Effect / Animation / Collision problem / etc. ):
Sometimes NPCs will be completely invisible and very hard to click in order to interact.

Location/Coordinates (/pos, if relevant):

Describe the problem:
Sometimes during normal gameplay the NPC models ane names will simply not appear, and interaction becomes very hard if you don’t know their location. Has also happened with monsters rendering them unable to be fought, but less frequently from what I’ve seen. Also happens to chairs and benches.

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared (if relevant):

Can you reproduce the problem? (if relevant):
The problem is reproducible on my end by logging into the game outside of town then going into town. Doesn’t always happen.

Screenshots/Videos (if available):


When this happens to me I relog^^

Yes, I’ve been doing the same but I also have an issue where changing maps or going to character selection makes my client freeze (either indefinitely or for at least a very, very long time). It forces me to reclient almost every single time. Thanks for offering your help tho!

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Is you game installed on HDD or SSD?

I also have the same problem try stretching the screen and they will appear… this may work temporarily

I can’t stretch the screen, as a last resort I turn off the PC completely and go back into the game^^

On my D drive HDD. I have an SSD for my C drive but it’s very small and I only leave fundamental things like the OS installed in there.

I use MVMe, but I always get some kind of bug.

Are you playing the game in windowed mode? it happens a lot to me when when playing the game in windowed mode it doesn’t happen when playing full screen mode tho!

Yes, I play windowed. I have only one screen, multitask a lot and just generally dislike fullscreen in any and all games I play. So changing to full is not an option.