Its too difficult to build up rage points on the Berserker class

Skill/Item name (if relevant):
This concerns the skill called: “Getting Angry”.
You need it to build up rage to be able to use other Berserker skills.

Class/Level (if relevant):

Describe the problem:
It has a cooldown of 2 minutes, and lasts 10 seconds.
It gives you a 30% chance to gain 1 single rage point on being attacked.

Its pretty much impossible to build up enough rage points to use " Quicken Attack", which requires 5 Rage points.
I often struggle to just get a single rage point, before Getting Angry wears off.
This renders Quicken Attack completely useless.

Perhaps it would make more sense to make Getting Angry passive instead of a 10 second buff?

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That’s true. I couldn’t have much progress with Beserker due to your issue.

It would’ve been much easier if the skill transfer worked. But yeah Berserker needs some adjustment.