Kill chains for loot and exp

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): The game itself

Description: So, you know how in some games you get kill chains when you kill certain enemy over and over, I think this game could benefit from such mechanics. As it is right now, some items have a very low droprate. My suggestion would work the following way;

Every 10 enemies of the same kind you kill, it’ll give you a boost of, let’s say 10% extra rates over everything that drops(EXCEPT FOR SOULS[This game’s version of cards]) and gives you a 5% extra experience.

This, however, does come with limitations.
-If you leave the zone, the killcount will reset
-If you kill anything with a different name(Even Small Vadon vs Vadon or Shield Merman over Merman), your killcount will reset.
-If you spend too much time(About 30 minutes) without killing one of those enemies, even if you are in the area, your killcount will reset.
-If you log off, your kill count WILL NOT reset as long as you log back in before let’s say 30 minutes for safe measure. This is to avoid crash-killcount resets, cause there’s a lot of crash issues that happen randomly and this could break a 100 enemy chain.

I think this could help both the early game experience for faster grinding and the lategame experience for faster advancement. It would also alleviate some problems like 5 enemies in a row not dropping look in the Vadon beach, Cornutus, or even thief with the bottles(Which happened to me a lot)


Never gonna happen, sorry.

Hah, that’s alright then. I guess it could be hard to develop or it could be challenging to balance.