@killcount chat command

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): The game.

Description: So this is a feature that a stumbled on at one of the ragnarok servers.
What it does is it allows the users to save data related to monster hunting into the server DB.
So each character has its own place on the DB that stores only the data related to the kill count command.
What you can do with the command is you can add a monster to the list and then track how many of those monsters you killed.


  • @killcount list” - shows a list of available slots. The amount of the slots is chosen by the developer. I saw the list that had 20 slots, which is more than enough. When type the command, you get the following result in the chat:
    Slot [0] :
    Slot [1] :

    Slot [18] :
    Slot [19] :
  • To assign a monster to a slot, issued the following:
    @killcount <slot_number> <monster_id>”.
    To assign the Drops to the list and count how many times you kill a Drops, issue the following:
    @killcount 0 1000001380”
    We can do that because we have the command that shows monsters’ ID.

    After the monster has been assigned to the slot, a chat notification should appear in the chat.
    Such as: <monster_name> has been added to the list. “Drops has been added to the list.”
    Now the “@killcommand list” lists the following:
    Slot [0] : Drops 0
    Slot [1] :

    Slot [18] :
    Slot [19] :
    If you kill a Drops:
    Slot [0] : Drops 1
    Slot [1] :

    Slot [18] :
    Slot [19] :
    If you assign another monster to the same slot, it will overwrite the previous one with the new one.
  • @killcount reset <slot_number>” - resets the kill count for the slot.
    So “@killcount reset 0” gives: Slot [0] : Drops 0
  • @killcount delete <slot_number>” - deletes the NPC assigned to the slot as well as the kill count information.
  • @killcount on/off”. So the counter itself also sends a chat message every time you kill the monster from the list (if you added it).
    So every time you kill a Drops you get the “Drops kills: 1”, “Drops kills: 2” and so on in the chat. By issuing the “@killcount on/off” command, you turn on/off this chat message. But the counting itself still happens.
  • @killcount commands” - shows a list of the commands.
  • @killcount” - show a chat message that reads some help about how to use the feature.
    “For more info type @killcount commands”.