Mana cost on skills and mana regeneration

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): The game Itself

Description: As it is right now, mana regeneration is far too slow. I get 1 more regeneration every 2 seconds every 48 int. On paper, it sounds grandiose, but on reality, I find myself sitting for around 3 minutes to get back my mana pool, and it’s not like it will do much good, cause I’ll burn it in literally 4 spells.

My suggestion is to either drop the spell costs for some classes or adding more mana regen per int.

Also make it so the characters actually get mana regen for int while standing/combat, makes sense for a normal class to run out of mana if using skills, but it makes no sense for a mage to run out of mana in 4 skills and then not being able to regenerate unless they sit for 3 minutes. Some people might argue that their class also needs mana, but allow me to correct this statement; You don’t deal 11 damage with no skill attacks like a wizard does, if you’re a ranger you can actually attack while moving backwards, and if you’re a melee fighter you can clear out one mob more by making a smart use of your HP and kiting…This is basically impossible for wizards, which, without mana, are just useless.

We tested the mana potions in the shop; It regenerates 120 mana over 30 seconds. I spend 120 mana in 2 skills as a wizard, meaning this potion would allow me to use 2/3 of a basic wizard combo every 30 seconds…This is what Wizards should naturally be able to do, not what they should be able to do with a 1500 rupees cost potion.(Yes, each mana potion costs 1500 rupees and only regenerates 120 mana over 30 seconds, NOT every second, 120 over 30 seconds.)

TLDR: Buff mana regen/INT so some classes take int for the resource management too and classes can play more than they sit.

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