My dear little mushrooms Quest

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Natali Klaret of Hoddmimis is in need of an adventurer to gather mushrooms for alchemic research.

Quest Reward; 330 Rupee 75 BXP/50CXP
Time of Day: 4:00PM ~ 9:00PM

Quest Objective:
12 Small White Mushroom
3 Medium White Mushroom

Quest justification
Reason One:

Doing the mail quest can get stale sometimes; this would be a great filler for players who are actively gathering items and just want to quickly burn their 24 hour in game quest daily for a lower reward amount and actively keep playing.

It’s actually factually harder to gather 3 Medium Mushrooms than it is to do the mail quest but this gives a nice proactive benefit. Obviously if you like my suggestion you can scale it to your liking!

Reason Two:
To expand the number of quests and give variety to the time of day quests are offered.

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