Please give us a better experience reward and more drops and improve party drops and experience

What is this suggestion related to The game itself:


Since combat times have slowed our progress pretty dramatically i think the next logical thing would be to double all exp rewards and drops since it takes double the time to kill monsters in general with the recent changes.

Here i am earning around 2 bars of experience killing lvl 11 to 12 Rodha Frogs.

And i got 2315 rupees in 1 hour my repair costs 433 rupees which leaves me with a measly 1882 rupees left.

This means in order to get 8 zeny which is required to buy all the skills on Berserker i need to spend around 43 hours to of non stop grinding to get all my Berserker skills in the prontera area.

Im aware this might not be the best grinding spot or money making spot i was just there for another card potentially.

However alot of mobs don’t even give good rupees for example fluff sells for 1 rupee which will never make me be able to sustain my gear while farming them so if i want to actually get fluff i will have to take the 700 rupee fee to prontera which leaves me with 1182 rupees.

Before the update i was able to farm 5k in an hour at lvl 9 now its come to this.

It’s just very difficult to get by.

In a party it’s worse i feel like you only get to loot every 5 drops in a party of say 5 people not to mention that some might be weaker than you or stronger.

So for every party member i suggest a drop increase how high that number is i will leave to you since i don’t know the statistic.

Not to mention the change of the slower mobs spawning makes it so monsters are constantly dead in a large party which further discourages party play.

Plus mobs often get killed before we reach them which doesn’t happen in solo play.

So to make up for that i suggest to increase the exp and drop rate in a party per member even further.

Last thing i would like to see is a loot system like in Ro1 where random people in the party get loot other people receive directly in their inventory.

Note: I’m not complaining i am merely asking the game to be reinstated it was the way before the HP increase. I hope you can relate and make a change to the way it is now. I think many people feel like me at least that what was discussed in a party of 5 people.

So in Summary what i would like to see is:

  1. Double exp rewards from monsters
  2. Double drop rate from monsters
  3. More exp rewards per member and loot
  4. a loot system like in Ro1 where random people in the party get loot other people receive directly in their inventory.

I hope i could get my points across in an understandable way. Thank you for building this project im very grateful.


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I agree with buffing a bit not only drops, but respawn rates too. Some places just get too empty if there’s someone farming there.

Drop increased by 1.5x and respawn cooldown -0.25 could be a new set to improve farming times.