Poison spore attack range

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Describe the problem: Poison spores’ attack range is might be bugged. They attack from too far. Which might be not really fair for recruits’ mechanics.

What was the expected behavior?: Poison spores should have the same attack range as the other spores.

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I don’t think they’re somehow different to other spores. Maybe that was just an occasional desync?

Either the attack range is different for some monsters, or the desync started right after I came to the poison spores spot and ended right after I left it. Does feel like the desync always hits at proper time. I feel like some monsters do have different melee range. Poison spore vs fungus, BonBon vs Poring. I was farming zadoras sometimes (while I was resting from the Poison Spores farming), and I felt like they had a proper attack range.
No way that all monsters have the same range. Doesn’t feel like that at all.

Actually, the first time I noticed the 10m melee range was when I came to the poison spores. Dospores, for example, were okay, and I was farming them also for a decent amount of time.

Can you try more after this update? I fixed few position sync bugs, should feel a bit better, especially when you jump.

The attack distance is really nice at the moment. Thanks. Poison spores and BonBons don’t have the 10m melee range anymore.