[POLL] PRE-CBT. Which one to pick

i choose you!
  • Adventurer
  • Berserker
  • Recruit
  • Priest
  • Enchanter
  • Minstrel
  • Knight
  • Assassin
  • Hunter

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Greetings, everybody! Today i want to ask you about class/job you want to play at the start of cbt\obt.
Although there is not that much information about classes yet, and there is none in English, we still can kinda predict what implemented classes are about.
Let’s make a quick brief of implemented classes and also do not forget about classes that you played in other games, perhaps some people would choose based on their previous experience.
Again, we don’t know much so classes capability is a pure guess based on same classes archetypes from other games. Also do not forget about classes in Ymirheim can merge which means your berserker may get extra healing or extra toughness. Something like that.

Adventurer: some sort of super novice from RO1. Adventurer is jack of all trades. Although Adventurer is not a master of everything he is got some skills that other classes dont, like special crafting and some sort of exploration activity(?). I bet Adventurer is very useful across all game’s activities.

Berserker: this one is a short talk. Big damage, big HP pull, probably okay with being on low HP. Probably pretty low on attack speed. Some sort of melee weapon.

Recruit: Ranged gunslinger. Probably is high with certain skills Damage, some sort of CC, melee skills(?). Riffles, Pistols(?).

Priest: short talk again. Big heal, some sort of buffs. Probably pretty bad at solo leveling, good versus undead monster if there are any in the game. Staves(?).

Enchanter: Wizzard/Mage/Elementalist(?). Probably some sort of AOE, CC, low on Defence. Staves(?).

Minstrel: Bard. Buffs, Heals. Have no idea what weapon this one has. Bow/dagger(?).

Knight: I bet this one is good with defensive abilities, CC, high at HP, Armor. Maybe has a single skill with good DMG. Probably very useful in War of Imperium. Short Sword + Shield(?).

Assassin: Invisibility(?). High Damage, probably a bit of CC. Dagger(?).

Hunter: Probably not that high damage numbers but high on DPS overall. Has a pet, probably some sort of traps(CC). PVE god(?).

Again, all of that is my pure guessing based on classes descriptions Ymir’s forum Russian section has. Lets see which class/job people willing to test drive first. Feel free to guess and predict.

Thank you!


Im so hyped ;(

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We still need to wait a bit. Let’s be not intruders but supporters.

Priests one love, hope they’ll be playable solo but anyways, hope to get that expierence ASAP

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