Priest suggestions with some magic in general ones

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): Ingame

Description:1.Give priest a Max mana passive and a mana regen passive they need this tremendously for party play unless you want everyone to sit and wait on that one priest to regen mana which takes way too long to regen just for it to be depleted less than ~20 seconds which leads to my next point…

2.lower the mana cost of the priest skills 40+ mana these skills cost when we have 200 mana by lvl 10 IF pure INT their is no way to maintain using buffs or even regen heals if all these cost so much with no way to get mana faster.

3.Increase Priest buffs for several minutes instead of measly 30 seconds like I said the mana cost for buffs are very costly and the buff time in general is just way to short with no real way to have aoe buffs for the whole party but having to individually pick and lose 42 mana that is just too much downtime before you try to buff each player you be down to 20 seconds by then and possibly wont have enough mana to heal for the next fight then again another suggestion…

4.Make priest buffs Aoe while still able to single target to give people who is not in party buffs as well I don’t know if this be a hard thing to do but this with help a lot with the downtime while in a party to keep things going also this keeps the priest with more mana so they can be able to go on with more fights not having to sit for mana regen cause they have enough to heal and keep things going.

5.Not strictly for priest but for magic class as a whole we all need better mp regen at some point this leads to definitely lower the cost of mana potions no one will ever buy a weak mana potion for 1.5k rupe lets be real this is really crippling us just for general leveling too which is why a lot of people going recruit or melee focus cause hp is much faster to regen and you dish out more dmg in the long run using basic attacks with some skills once in awhile while magic users will dish bad dmg by doing basic atk of course only time its used if the mobs hp is low to save up mana.

6.Balance the shop prices for Priest skills some dont make sense for example the spell Cure which is 150rupe at lvl one it removes poison and bleed debuffs and a lvl2 cure cost whopping 3.8k rupe the prices needed to be tone down a bit.

7.Please do something about the loot cause the distribution does not working anyone who is a range caster or gunner will not get anything cause whoever is the closest will get everything having the random option, take turns will help a lot.

I’ve been crying about mana regen with my enchanter since I began playing, and people keep saying it’s normal and it’s fine.

The only thing I don’t agree with in this post is giving the priest mana passives, since this would make it so the priest is a better enchanter than the enchanter itself…Considering the priest can take all the damage Enchanter abilities while the Enchanter can’t take any of the priest heal or buff skills.

I agree that mana regen should be fixed, but Priest should not have AS MUCH mana and mana regeneration as the Enchanter. While a mage class can be outran and killed by a fast enemy, or just outdamaged by range, a priest with basically infinite heals would be immortal in all content; Priests need to run out of mana at certain point…While damage mage classes should run out of mana ONLY if spamming high cost spells instead of low cost spells.

Also, costs are very random, some classes have very expensive abilities while other classes have cheap abilities.

I believe enchanter should have a higher mana pool and both priest and enchanter should have the same mana regen for sure also don’t think you thinking about party play as well because its definitely hard to sustain a party with 1-3 fights before running out of mana.

Yes we have a buff for mana regen its not good for the priest only for the party cause the priest you actually lose mana using it if you dont sit and if you sit right away when using it you get ur mana back from when you cast it but get extra 10 mana that’s it.

As for solo play we only can use one heal after hitting clvl5 thats regen which is total of 50hp in 20sec using this before a fight does alittle but if fighting something strong that regen definitely wont do anything we already take tons of dmg from everything anyway you be dead before the regen finishes and using healing in the middle of a battle is a death sentence if you don’t have mana for offensive skill you basically dead and thats something at the current state of the game you dont wanna use cause cast time is the real issue here.

Mana cost for enchanters make sense mages never been good managing mana cause they suppose to do high dmg WHICH NEEDS TO BE FIXED and we barely reach 200mp at lvl10 I’m sure with the passive enchanter have its higher probably not by much but we use our skills constantly like you too and healing class always have decent mp regen and mana pool and maybe they should also give enchanters a skill that sacrifice hp for mp cause our heal we sacrifice mp and hp to heal our party.

All in all we need it to just as much as enchanters or we never fulfill our role as priest they not the only magic class in the game yes they should be 100% better in damage and they always never good at conserving mana compared to the support class I should be saying we should have better mana regen but not as big of max mana passive than enchanter while mages usually have a higher mana pool but i wont be like that since both class share the same struggle.

If they add mana to priests like Enchanters have, then Enchanter damage skills should not be transferable to other classes. That’s all I’m gonna say.