Quality of life for players - Classes and skills

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): The game itself.

Class changes early should cost a low amount each until Class level 10, then scale up by a smaller extra amount for each level, and Skills should be learnable with other class equipped WHEN you have already learned(AND transferred) a skill to another tree;

First of all, changing class early game can be literal doom and leave you stuck with a class you really don’t like until you get enough to get another. It can set you back by a lot.

First time you buy a class, it should cost the normal price of 500, but then it should go down to 100, and adventurer should be 0 at all times, no matter how much you leveled it up.
After a NORMAL class(NOT adventurer) goes up to Clvl 10, it should start adding extra 100 cost to change back for each level. Why does it have to be such a pain to change back to your class just because it’s leveled? Price adds up too quickly and at level 10 you don’t have enough income to spend 3k on literally NOTHING just to level up the rank of a skill from another tree or try to level another skill to add to your tree.

…Which brings me to my next point; Skills should be learnable while you have another class tree equipped, as long as you have learned the first level of the skill. Why? I’m an Enchanter, and my main damage skill is the Soul Strike cause everything else doesn’t do enough damage to compensate for it’s cost.
As you might know, Soul strike comes from the Adventurer Skill tree, and if I want to level it up, I have to go back to Adventurer, buy the ranks I want, and then waste 3900 rupees(This is what a class change to a lvl 11(Which is NOT MUCH AT ALL) costs. Yes, I know, it’s far too much money wasted just to rank up a skill from another class…So that’s the reason for this suggestion.