Random Loot Distribution

I already brought this up on discord but i’ll place it as a thread here too,

I feel like random loot needs to be a thing because the current methods of looting are based on community trust and or highest damage.

This is not good because

  1. People can cheap people out of drops

  2. Support Classes do not benefit

  3. Regular Party looting puts ranged classes in a disadvantage

Random loot will also cause a lot of frustration with rare drops, how do you decide who gets the rare drop? I think this will be a better overall system

Implementation methods)

1) Replace the highest damage with random distribution
Round robin or total random loot to random party member would be both valid options

2) Add new option into the client for party settings
This could be much more difficult depending on how much control you have over modifying the clients UI but coding implementation 1) should be more feasible work-around until 2) can be implemented


This is now implemented.