Rewarded wEXP getting rounded down to Zero on low level mobs

Class/Level (if relevant): While playing as a character level 6 and level 7, Berserker level 7.

Party or solo: Solo.

Describe the problem: While fighting mobs that are three levels below my character or less, Such as when fighting level 3 mobs as a level 6 character, or level 4 as a level 7, the 1 wEXP point that is normally rewarded is being rounded down to 0 after having the 0.7x level gap penalty applied (the level gap seems to be defined by base character level, the level of the weapon is irrelevant). This makes it exceedingly difficult to grind for wEXP while playing as an underpowered character.

What was the expected behavior?:

List the steps that occurred before the problem appeared: I played most of the early game using my bare hands and invested a lot of money into Adventurer skills. Upon switching to Berserker and changing my level 1 weapon to a sword, I found it to be woefully underpowered in comparison to my fists, and while trying to grind wEXP to level it up, I could not gain any wEXP from anything other than mobs which are very difficult to defeat while solo, usually having to rest to recover all of my HP after defeating a single mob.

Can you reproduce the problem?: Just now I was able to reproduce it easily, it happens every time I try.

Screenshots/Videos (if available): Will add if necessary.

Not a bug.
Although I agree, at the moment, it may be difficult sometimes to level up a new weapon or a new class when your base level is high. It’s going to be improved when we have more diverse monsters and other ways to level up.
If you have any particular suggestions to solve this in a different way, feel free to do it in the #issues:suggestions-and-ideas forum.