Save me a knight job

Hi “Neris” I have a report and a suggestion. My name is ‘Roin’ and I’m a knight level 17 player. Most of the current knight’s skills will not be used well. We agree that the job of a knight is defensive and optimized for protecting teammates. However, most of the skills are very passive and are not used very well because of the very high mana consumption.

The problem I want to talk about first is about the skill ‘Reflect Sheld’. This is an attractive skill that reflects 10% of damage received to monsters. However, in reality, it is difficult to use, and it is a skill that most people are reluctant to use. My current stats are ‘STR’ and ‘VIT’ by investing an appropriate amount, so I have a higher defense than other users. Therefore, there is no particular merit to that skill. Conversely, knights with less investment in defense will only die from high damage and do not even have the energy to use that skill (because they die or die before using the skill).

The skill itself is attractive, but it is because there are too many actions involved before using that skill… To switch to a defensive stance, you have to use 15 mana, and you can use it only when you have 2 ‘Rage’. To put it simply, Quick Strike (18 mana) + annoying strike (15 mana) + defensive posture (15 mana) + physical reflection (15 mana)…

I don’t see any reason to use that skill until it consumes 60 mana. It is precisely because it is more profitable to do a Quick Strike and a knife at that time.

Also, since they cannot move when using the defensive posture skill, the knights have no choice but to be more passive, and I think that there is an inconvenience in adventure and hunting activities in the game.

I think the ‘shield block’ skill is very attractive. However, as mentioned above, this skill also has limitations when using it. It is a buff that can be obtained for only 3 seconds using high mana, which I think is very unreasonable. ‘Shield block’ also has a problem with high mana consumption.

My suggestion is this:

  1. It is slow in defensive stance, but it is possible to move or if it is not, I would like to remove the mana consumption of defensive stance.

  2. Lowering the value of the ‘Rage’ gauge provided for the knight skill to 1 is one way.

  3. The mana consumption required for the knight’s skill is too large. However, the effect is very insignificant and there is no meaning in mastering the skill.
    ex) ‘Shield Strike’ only increases the stun rate without increasing damage, but even this doesn’t feel good. The mana consumption is high and the cooldown is too long.

  4. It would be better if the ‘shield block’ skill can be used even in the basic stance.

I couldn’t agree more. Playing knight here, almost lvl 15. Been knight since lvl 5 and trying to get the hold of it but the class has big mana / rage problems. We are tankier than any class in the game with passives and block rates and its just fine that we trade defense for offence. However this trade seems at the time to bring little reward.

I don’t actually have a problem with defensive stance. With the latest update with longer combats I think the skill is now being an important role in my combat pace.

Shield block has an interesting concept, but has a rage consumption of 2 and 25 mana cost, which is a big whooping consumption, since we have the rage restriction, stance restriction and assumes we must generate these rage via other skills that cost no less than 15 mana. Also, the duration offers a chance to block a single or, considering mob attack speed two attacks max.

Reflect shield I didnt even bother to take. The damage reflection at lower levels seems to be a worse option than using another skill that can do more damage than the whole reflect shield duration and also generates rage. At higher levels it seems a interesting concept. Maybe transforming reflect shield in a passive should be a solution (?)

Shield strike is a great skill. i didn’t mind having no attack scaling, but since combats are now longer, 3 sec stun which was great before the update seems a bit too quick now. Also it has 40 sec cooldown and 25 mana consumption.

Anyway these are some thoughts I gathered and found this opportunity to write here since Roin started the knight discussion.

Also feel free to pm me on discord Mithra#3275! :slight_smile: