Stat points amount. Stats breakpoints

What is this suggestion related to (eg. Website / Launcher / The game itself / etc. ): Stat points.

Description: Well, i want to suggest some possible changes to the amount of stat point that the player receive during the 1 to 99 road. Rough numbers inc.
IIRC the player gets 2 stat points per level but i dont remember if the player receive any at level 1. I will assume he does not. So there are 2 stats per level and you can level up exactly 98 times. Which means there are 196 stats. Player receive 1 additional stat point every 5th levels starting from level 15, and one extra at lvl 99. So there are extra 18 stats. Which means extra stats are only 8% of the total stats amount. I mean its almost like there are no extra stats at all. Although i think receiving a single extra stat at lvl 15 is nice, receiving one extra at level 75 is not that welcome. Its kinda not worth. The items also have stats, which means that the level up stats are not the only stats you get. So, if i get it right, its 196+18=214 stats per 98 level atm.
I have three different suggestion, i will use the Strength stat as an example because this stat looks pretty simple formula wise.

  1. More extra stats v.1. Instead of adding a single extra stat point, add one more extra. For example, You get +1 extra at lvl 15, +2 at lvl 25, +3 at lvl 35, +4 at lvl 45, +5 at lvl 55, +6 at lvl 65, +7 at lvl 75, +8 at lvl 85, +9 at lvl 95 and +10 at lvl 99. Total: 196+55=251. It looks like 251 stats point to 214 stat point ratio is not that big of a deal, because we also have equipment items with stats. But its more likely that the players will try to reach certain levels to get the extra stats. +10 at 99, wow. Also does not look like unbalanced amount of stats, because its only like 18% more stats if we compare 214 stats to 251 stats.
  2. More extra stats v.2. The player is receiving 1 stat more per every 5th levels starting from lvl 15. This one is pretty unbalanced i assume. But, hey… :D. From lvl 2 to lvl 14 2x13=26 stats, 15-24 3x10=30, 25-34 4x10=40, 35-44 5x10=50, 45-54 6x10, 55-64=7x10, 65-74=8x10, 75-84 9x10, 85-94 10x10=100, 95-99 11x5=44. This end up with humble amount of 601 stats. Which is actually more than thee times bigger that the current stats amount. Although i like the amount of stat the player receive using this formula(I like the idea of characters becoming very powerful with every level), i don’t like that the last 5 levels the player is receiving the exact same amount of stats. Its like lvl 95 is actually the same as lvl 99. I think its bad. Clearly 99th lvl is not the same as the level 95. Its harder to reach and should be rewarded.
  3. Stats breakpoints. I will use the melee attack formula as an example.
    So the formula atm is * Melee Attack: MeleeAttackPerStrength = Strength * 2.0
    My suggestion is to use the next formula:
  • Melee Attack: MeleeAttackPerStrength = Strength * x + Strength / 10 The formula uses only integer values so basically STR must be 10, 20, 30, etc, to get the Melee Attack bonus. Strength / 10 - is bonus Melee Attack.11-19 STR gives nothing in terms of bonus Melee Attack.

Breakpoints of different stats must be also different. Also, using breakpoint formulas might force some people to reach some certain character levels to get different stats bonuses.

So basically, i dont like the idea of high levels gives exactly the same values as low levels. The character gains exactly the same profit at lvl 15, lvl 25 and lvl 95. I think that the player should consider worth to reach the high levels not only because of content/gear availability but also stat build wise. I think, ideally, i would go with 1st and 3rd suggestion mixed together. This would add so much deepness into the build making. Imagine stat rebuilding from priest to berserk. Its like you have to count on many things to make it right.

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